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Easy-to-use applications to manage Water Billing, Wastewater (Sewer) Billing, Stormwater Billing and Trash/Refuse Billing

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Our Utility Billing Applications help simplify your vital Water/Sewer, Stormwater and Trash utility billing and collection services, automating the often tedious process of billing and managing utilities for residential and commercial properties. This application makes billing simple and quick, while helping you manage every aspect of the process.

With VADAR’s Utility Billing Applications, you’ll be able to:

Provide better service to your constituents who can track, manage, and pay for utility services online
Access and analyze critical water and sewer usage and consumption data
Automatically produce integrated utility bills with combined receivable types (Water/ Sewer/ Stormwater/ Trash)
Add accounts, record meter readings, generate work order invoices, even track meter changes and “swap outs”
Reduce manual entry and the errors that come with it
And more


Flexible billing calculations

Automated water billing imports

Detailed Usage/Consumption analytics to ensure ACCURATE bills

Notice creation & ownership management

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