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Streamline and simplify property tax billing, collection, assessments, and more

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Because property taxes are absolutely vital for local governments, VADAR can customize our Receivable and Property Tax Suite to provide you with a tax collection system that allows you to take control.

With VADAR’s Receivable and Property Tax Suite, you’ll be able to:

Run and create tax bills in less than one hour
Streamline online tax payment processing and online bill presentment with full taxpayer audit trails of payments and all transactions – all included within our VADAR online Portal
Monitor and track property assessments and taxable values
Improve operational productivity, responsiveness, consistency of data
Customize data integration
And more


Assessing Data Bridge

Real Estate Tax, Personal Property & Municipal Lien Certificates

Motor Vehicle & Boat Excise Tax

DPW/Utility Billing & Collection

Delinquent Real Estate

Tax Title

Betterment Management

Automated Transaction Turnover

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