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Robust reporting and automated transaction turnover capabilities that simplify and improve transparency

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As a government entity, you’re accountable to tax payers to accurately record and report how public funds are used.  Our user-friendly fund accounting applications help you track all monies coming in and out of your organization, and provide the tools you need to stay compliant, while  reducing duplicate data entry and errors, and facilitating reconciliation of cash and receivables.

With VADAR’s Fund Accounting Applications, you’ll be able to:

Utilize a true Fund Accounting Application that has been built specifically for local governments
Easily manage accounts and produce on-demand State and Local Financial Reports
Simplify purchasing and budgeting
Tailor tracking and reporting
And more


Fully integrated GL/AP/AR/Payroll/HR and Purchasing Modules – for both towns and schools

Fully integrated Budget Preparation Module for next Year’s fiscal budget prep

Fully integrated Treasury, Cash Book, and Bank Account management modules

Dozens of STOCK reports including combined balance sheets, EOY State and School reporting templates

Automated transaction turnovers for receipts/ payments

Automated Tax Payer Refund Check Creation

Automated Journal Entry creation for all transaction types

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